5 Benefits of Being an Activist

A person who mobilizes people to campaign or campaigns on his or her own to achieve a common goal of bringing a political or social change, these activist are divided into several categories, there are animal activists, human rights activists, political activists, media, peace, environmental activists and many more.

• It helps in building your sense of identity as well as empowerment; it, therefore, makes you feel like you have that great control over your whole life, this therefore in turn help in preventing the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.

• With activism, you will be able to adapt and hence become very strong when it comes to facing adversity, therefore, a tough physical and mental being help in increasing your longevity as well as having good mental health.

• It has psychological benefits to an activist by helping his or her brain to release some shots of dopamine; this chemical plays a role in giving you a lot of pleasure as well as reward. Dopamine is the same chemical that is always triggered when one is involved in an act of sex; this chemical motivates one to have that desire of seeking out what feels good.

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• This dopamine is also very important in sleeping, being active and enhancing your mood, some researchers also found out that activism helps in getting rid of physical pain this is because of the act of jolting your energy during the process of activism, in that way, activism will, therefore, help you in a great way.

• As an activist, activism can be very good for your career, putting your activism work in the resume can make you stand out among other applicants when searching for a job, this will demonstrate to your employers that you are a self-motivated person, a committed person and a person who can go far and beyond what is expected of him or her.